Stress, negative lifestyle and an imbalanced diet throw body, mind and soul out of balance.
StarQi combines ancient knowledge with the latest scientific findings and treads completely new paths in order to restore the energy balance and stimulate the self-regulating forces of the body. StarQi combines western medicine with the principles of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) and the teachings of the five elements, and helps you to support your state of health quickly and integrally.
Beauty – as well as health and vitality – comes from the inside, as the word is. But how do you find out what it looks like inside? How do you know what to do or which agents you need for your beauty, vitality and health?
Both the traditional European medicine and the traditional Asian medicine have taught us that disorders and illnesses can be very complex – and that the causes have to be treated instead of only the symptoms. This holds true for physical and psychological problems alike – and also whether you feel beautiful, energetic and sexy!
When it comes to the point, it is therefore inevitable, to perform a reliable test – a meridian measurement, that observes and analyses you in your entirety. This should be quick, simple, reliable and affordable! This is what the starQi system was developed for – a revolutionary system for measurement and treatment. This is what starQi stands for.
Every meaningful treatment, regardless of whether it is for your health, your vitality or your beauty and youthfulness, has to take place on a valid basis. This way you get exactly what you really need and what is good for you! Whether it is the required treatment, an individualized diet, the supporting vitamins, minerals or auxiliary types of tea, etc., or the agents that support your beauty – only what really makes sense, should be done! Not more and definitely not less!