The starQi system is a revolutionary system for reliable measurement as well as effective regulation of the meridians and the Qi-Matrix, the whole human energy system. The whole state of the organism, the causes of symptoms and afflictions – including the so-called functional disorders, can be measured and treated specifically within only a few minutes.

15 years of research and development, clinical and practical utilization confirm the results and the successful uses in different fields of application.

Prevention and health promotion

  • Prevention and elimination of health disorders or blockades
  • Considerable improvement of your well-being, your fitness and preservation of your vitality
  • Stress reduction
  • Regulation of your metabolism
  • Faster regeneration, lower lactate levels
  • Effective and sustained anti-aging to preserve your beauty
  • Lasting weight-reduction
  • Improvement of your physical and sexual activities
  • Prevention and health protection
  • Supportive treatment of health disorders



The starQi system is globally unique and is probably the most innovative development for almost all areas of life, such as increased performance in sports, improvement of your fitness and preservation of your vitality, to support and regulate your health or simply to increase your well-being. Who does not want to be energetic, beautiful, fit and sexy and be in charge of it yourself?

We help you to make each meaningful treatment happen on a profound basis, regardless whether it is for your health, your vitality or for your beauty and youth. Only this way, you receive exactly what really makes sense! Not more and even more importantly – not less.

Designed and made in Austria – All components are in-house products on the basis of our own developments and are made in Austria with the highest standards of quality. The starQi pen is CE and FCC certificated.


The whole system consists of the starQi Pen – an applicator with a special magnet-coupled infrared-diode… more...
DYou will be guided through the handling step by step. Every single step is presented and explained via images…more...
The medically proven method that has been developed over years by the founders of the company is essentially based on the principles of the traditional Chinese medicine…more...
The measurement results that the starQi App provides can very easily be interpreted with only basic knowledge about traditional Chinese medicine…more...