pic1In September 2015 the starQi management accepted an invitation from Mora Medical Technology Co. Ltd. (Beijing) to visit the Qiqihar Jianhua Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in the country with 1700 stationary beds and an additional out-patient facility treating on average 1500 patients a day.

Over the duration of two weeks Mr. Markus Mayer and Mr. Christoph Pliessnig demonstrated the effective application of the StarQi system and trained a selected team of doctors and therapists in the comprehensive treatment possibilities offered by this therapeutic system.

pic2The simple and quick application and the overwhelmingly positive treatment results were enthusiastically received by the hosts. They were impressed with the reliable diagnostic evaluations as well as the effectiveness of the treatments for the various presented conditions, including allergies, circulatory problems, back and joint pain, cancer, diabetes, sleep disorders and hormonal imbalances. In addition the Chinese team were particularly taken by the Qi-Complexes, which were used during all therapeutic interventions, and consequently were in such high demand that they were used up in a very short time.

A statement from a high government official during our China tour: “Thank you starQi, for bringing back the authentic medicine of China to our people, thereby reviving its popularity in our society!”

In line with the start of a structured product distribution in 2016 we are now starting to receive strong interest in the starQi system from other Asian countries and negotiations are due to begin shortly.

The starQi management would like to extend a huge compliment to Dr. Xicai Liang, the founder and director of the Qiqihar Jianhua Hospital, and in particular to Dr. Sun Jia Bing and his brilliant team, for combining excellent treatment protocols with a big heart for their patients.

Once again we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Mora China for their invitation, the friendly and courteous reception and the wonderful hosting, and special thanks go to the managing director of the hospital, President Dr. Xicai Liang, to company CEO Mr. Qingfeng Jiang and Director Xin Sun as well as Chief Physician Dr. Sun Jia Bing.