You will be guided through the handling step by step. Every single step is presented and explained via images, whether it is the measurement or the different regulations – and if the user wants to know more about relevant topics, there is also the special starQi Wiki.

Using the starQi Pen is amazingly simple, fast and safe for anyone without any prior knowledge and is inherently different from conventional developments. On the basis of a self-test, the user can detect his/her actual status within only a few minutes. The instant evaluation features reliable results as well as meaningful recommendations for further regulation.

The individual results are displayed on your smartphone or tablet-PC. The results are calculated immediately on the central server using mathematical algorithms. With meanwhile more than 15 million units of measured data, the starQi is a proven system. Only a few seconds after measuring, you will receive a reliable evaluation with statements about your current energetic status as well as individual recommendations for the subsequent regulation.

Depending on the chosen app-subscription there is additional information about correlations, such as teeth, muscles or emotions, as well as individual recommendations – for instance regarding the currently relevant nutritional supplements or medicinal herbs, the general nutrition, how and where additional regulations are required, etc.. There can also be suggestions for special applications, such as personalized phyto-cosmetics in the area of anti-aging, cosmetic acupuncture or improvement in performance via the innovative competitive-regulation, which has been tested successfully in high-performance and top-class sports. Also the sexual performance and libido can be regulated effectively through targeted stimulation of the meridians.

In the case of disorders and diseases, the starQi system can be used by the attending physician or health care professional as a supportive tool – especially when it comes to functional disorders, which are often impalpable for western medical practitioners.