Operating and active principle

The medically proven method that has been developed over years by the founders of the company is essentially based on the principles of the traditional Chinese medicine and the Akabane-test, while also connecting it to the western (academic) medicine. Through stimulation of specific reflex zones, the organism is animated to regulate itself and bring it back into balance, as to reach the ideal ratio in the energetic dipole – the “golden ratio”.

Even some time before a disease breaks out at all, an imbalance in the system of the meridians already indicates a disorder correlating to this disease. With a timely and specific regulation, these diseases can then be prevented in the best possible way.

In the past, Chinese physicians measured the amount of energy in the meridians and the status of the organism via the “offertory-box-test”. For this purpose, the red-hot end of a sandalwood-stick was repeatedly led to the terminal points of the meridians in the tact of the pulse until the patient felt a slightly burning pain. All of these areas are easily accessible. They are located at the edge of the nail beds of the fingers and toes, about 2-3mm away from the nail bed.

The amount of contacts with the stick functioned as benchmark for the quantitative evaluation of the energy level of each meridian. These values were registered for the left and right channel of each meridian and the respective results were then compared. Considerable differences were a sign for pathological conditions.

To understand the principle of the test, one must understand the biological significance and purpose of these spots (biologically active points): The beginning- and end-points of the acupuncture channels on the most sensitive and distant places of the body enable the transfer of energy between specific physiological systems of the body with its environment.

This test was modified by the Japanese acupuncturist Kobe Akabane in 1950 – hence today’s term “Akabane-test”.

The starQi Pen works with modulated infrared light with a wavelength of 920 to 960 nm, which results in unique features and outcomes through the application-specific electronic regulation via the simultaneous use of a special magnet (magneto-infrared-light-acupuncture).

In distinction from natural sources, this infrared radiation does not take place continuously, but rather discretely with the resonance frequency of the meridians. The dipole-effect of the starQi method is in the element of “fire” (infrared light), while for instance electro acupuncture works towards the element of “wood”.

In contrast to conventional resonance procedures, specific and accurately defined parameters are used for the measuring as well as the regulation. Accordingly, the results are exact and comprehensible.

The measuring is modelled on the Akabane test. The effect happens in the pulse rhythm with about 1 Hz at the terminal points of the meridians. During the process, an accurately defined amount of energy per impulse will be inserted into the meridians in a split second. The complete measurement takes about 5 minutes.

The standard test results in average values over a number of fluctuating energy cycles and is essentially more accurate than the results of an electro acupuncture (which only shows the current values). So the starQi method reaches unique correlations for biophysical parameters of over 90%! The measurements show a low signal-to-noise ratio; temperature fluctuations and the usually large spectrum of the normal measured values do not interfere with the method.

The regulation only takes a few minutes and happens with a resonance frequency of 28 Hz (β2 frequency of the brain). This resonance frequency shows the highest effect on the heart, the smooth muscles or the adipose tissue. It strengthens the bronchia and the blood vessels, stimulates the cellular metabolism, soothes cramps and reduces the potential to develop cramps, shows the strongest analgesic effect on different conditions of pain, decreases inner unrest, fear and stress, etc.. Did you know that patients diagnosed with high blood pressure have a deficit of β2-frequency, or that the uterus and the prostate “resonate” with 28 Hz during the orgasm?

The stimulation of the biologically active points via magneto-infrared-light-acupuncture can be compared to the classical acupuncture. In contrast to the needle acupuncture, where the duration of influence is chosen either intuitively or according to fixed rules, the starQi Pen features a non-invasive influence as function of the feedback (stress test) of the test-person – this way, only the exactly required amount of energy is inserted and an over-stimulation of the meridians is ruled out.

Through the influence of the acupuncture points we change the energy of the meridians, which in turn changes the axis and charge of the energetic dipole of the body to the desired direction via the whole energy system. The simultaneous stimulation of acupuncture points and nerve endings supports the treatment of pain and also has positive influence on the pituitary gland and the adrenal glands, to release hormones.

Apart from the energetic regulation of the acupuncture points, treatment of the whole body is possible as well, for instance pain treatment, support of the lymph flow and activation of the locomotory system, or for anti-aging. The chosen resonance frequency activates many processes of the biologically active zones – it boosts i.a. the cellular transport of energy through the formation of adenosine triphosphate, the directly available energy carrier and important regulator of the energetic processes within cells.