Analysis and interpretation of the measurement results

The measurement results that the starQi App provides can very easily be interpreted with only basic knowledge about traditional Chinese medicine and the causes of disorders and symptoms can be told clearly, as well as the diagnoses by the treating physician.

This particularly includes knowledge and understanding of the “Tao”, the creative primal principle of nature, out of which the complementary forces “Yin” and “Yang” as well as the life energy “Qi” can be derived; and also knowledge about the fundamental correlations of the single meridians and the understanding of the five converting phases.

However, the elaborate computer programme with specially developed algorithms considers all relevant parameters and rules of the traditional Chinese medicine but also includes academic medicine, so that the starQi Pen can be used easily and safely without any background knowledge.

StarQi GmbH (Ltd.) regularly organizes diverse trainings and seminars for interested users, where the respective basic knowledge about traditional Chinese medicine and the starQi system can be acquired.