starQi – feel your life

Lifestyle is connected to attributes, which in turn connect people. Lifestyle – the willingness and love towards a positive change of life.

StarQi… the new sentiment of life!

All of us want to enjoy the beautiful aspects of life and share them with other people!


Inner Balance
Body, mind and soul influence each other – they should be able to support each other and form a unified whole.Body, mind and soul are correlative to our surroundings and nature. If a human’s flow of energy is disturbed, it will have a negative impact on body and soul and he/she will get sick. The inner balance is missing! Our goal is to support this inner balance and strength with our starQi products – on a physical as well as on psychological level.

Mental strength
The ability to concentrate on the utmost at the right moment, to purposefully bundle one’s energy, is crucial in every condition of life – regardless whether we want to manifest our success in private or work-related areas! Everyone, who wants to perform extraordinarily, benefits from mental strength: Mothers, people in their respective profession, company bosses and managers in their daily responsible decisions, athletes whose performance have to be available at any given time, and so many more… Fears and doubts accompany us on the way to our goals and demand our top performance in many situations – this is where mental strength and inner balance prove themselves. The starQi products support you every single day on your way to physical and mental balance and strength.

„In a sound body resides a sound mind”“
8.000 to 10.000 steps a day – according to sport scientists, this is the premise for a healthy mind and body! In actual fact, nowadays people only walk no more than 400 to 700 steps a day! Our whole body, organs, hormones, messengers and enzymes suffer from this huge discrepancy. They depend on sufficient muscular exercise in order to work at their full efficiency. The fact is, that our brain benefits from sporting activities and physical fitness! Physical fitness improves and strengthens our blood circulation, muscles and joints and also improves the capability of our brain cells. StarQi simplifies your daily training routine, improves stamina and helps to prevent possible muscular afflictions.