starQi – boost your life

„There are 1000 diseases, but health is unique!” (Arthur Schopenhauer)

The biophysical definition of a disease is the deficiency of energy. This lack of energy and information (lack of vitality) causes a chaotic status within the body, which is indicated by symptoms.

In a healthy state, our body has perfect order condition, whereas our “information system” sends the correct impulses to our body and our body can then implement them correctly. In order to transport energy and information our body needs an energy- and information conduit system – the meridian system.


If we lack information or energy, there is no state of order in our organism. Order becomes chaos. The human being falls ill. The homeostasis, our natural regulation mechanism, can only work if there is a sufficient amount of energy, so that corresponding amount of information is available to restore the initial state of order.

Scientific research has proven that all diseases with an organic and functional character are paralleled by a loss of energetic symmetry in the organism. This is measurable through the meridian system.

A virus, for example, forces false information upon the human, because the virus uses the reproductory systems of the human cells in order to multiply. The body tries to resist the virus through its immune system, which results in symptoms like fever, pain in the limbs, a sore throat, etc.

If you now only try to suppress the symptoms, the actual cause of the ill body – the deficiency of energy – is neither recognized nor dealt with. Rightly, we have to return the missing energy to the body through deliberate cognition and ensure that the flow of energy and information is guaranteed, so that the homeostasis, the self-regulating force of the body, can start again.

The primary goal of a treatment is to release blockades and the elimination of an energetic imbalance. Through selective supply of energy, an ideal status can be reached. However, this requires a reproducible measurement with reliable measured data, a holistic evaluation and a simple and fast-acting form of regulation.

In order to make this possible, the starQi method was developed, which allows a holistic observation and regulation of all functions and regulatory circuits of the body. The basis of this unique system are the meridians, the life energy “Qi”, the theory of the five converting phases and the Akabane test.