starQi – power up your life


„Success in sports is like a good wine: Once you’ve tried a good wine, you don’t want to content yourself with (simple) table wine anymore. And when you’ve won once, you want to win every day.” (Quote: Christian Plaziat)

Especially for competitive sportsmen the “right” energetic balance is a basic requirement for their optimal performance and to be able to perform at the maximum efficiency in competitions. At the same time, the organism should be in the position to regenerate at the best possible rate in order to prevent possible damage.

Previous tests with competitive- and top-sportsmen have shown, that the energetic balance and the performance curve can be significantly improved through specific energetic regulation – the athlete is more energized, more effective and shows significantly faster regeneration. Lack of efficiency or disorders can be influenced directly. The athlete will be able to use his/her energy reserves to the maximum at the decisive moment.

Energy optimization and energy regulation – StarQi is essential for every athlete!

Physically in peak form – mentally balanced

  • more power, better stamina, higher reserves
  • better oxygen supply
  • significantly lower lactate values
  • faster regeneration
  • stable blood circulation
  • efficient, purposeful training
  • optimization of the energy reserves
  • physical balance
  • goal orientation
  • less susceptible for injuries and illnesses
  • early diagnosis of disorders and prevention of diseases
  • prevention of consequential damage
  • pain therapy
  • more freshness / agility
  • stress reduction
  • better concentration
  • increased competitive spirit