starQi – sex up your life

It is love that makes a human being beautiful!Beauty and sexuality are always connected with a positive charisma, health, a refined appearance, cheerfulness, but also with harmony of body and skin. Beauty and sexuality are no luxury, but evolutionary principles of life.In fact, beautiful and sexy people have an easier time in many or almost all aspects of life – they are more successful and more satisfied.

Beauty No two bodies are alike and no human always remains the same – the course of time leaves its marks. Environmental factors, stress and time-related changes as well as our inner balance determine our appearance and the way we feel.

So what can we do to reduce factors like stress, anger, concern or sadness, that determine our daily life and leave their traces in our body, on our faces and in our souls – to stretch time or prevent its consequences? “Beauty comes from the inside” so people say. But how do we know what it looks like inside? How do you or your therapist know which agents you need for your beauty, vitality and health? We learned from traditional European medicine as well as from traditional Eastern medicine that disorders and diseases can be very complex – that it is the true cause that has to be addressed, not the symptoms. This applies to physical and mental problems equally and also whether you feel beautiful, energetic and sexy!For instance: you can find out about the sensitivity, texture, degree of moisture, wrinkle depth, cornification, tensity, enlarged blood vessels and more; and you can be asked about your eating habits, sleeping habits, care habits or allergies. However, fact is that despite such a complex process of information, nobody can make reliable assessment with 100% accuracy and guarantee! This also applies to all common anamnesis – except if they are supported by reliable measurements. At any rate, if worst comes to worst, you yourself would always be the first to suffer. When it comes to the point, it is inevitable to conduct a reliable test – a meridian measurement, where you are observed and analysed as a whole. This should be fast, simple, reliable and affordable! This is what the starQi Pen has been developed for – a unique measuring and regulation system. Every meaningful treatment has to take place on an established basis, regardless of whether it is for your health, your vitality or for your beauty and youthfulness. Only this way you get exactly what you really need and what is good for you! Be it the necessary treatment, the diet specifically tailored to your needs, the supporting vitamins, minerals or helpful teas etc., or the agents that preserve and support your beauty – only what really makes sense should be done; no more and no less!


„It is passion that makes man live; rationality makes one only last.“ (Quote: Nicolas Chamfort)

Sexuality is often depicted as an image of pure indulgence in lust which, however, does not live up to the desire of approval, security and trust of most people. Every human experiences sexuality in his/her own way. Depending on education, nationality or religion is experienced differently. In line with this, sexuality is also dealt with more or less openly. For most people sexuality takes a central place in their lives. Sexuality provides positive energy, the feeling of happiness and improves the general physical wellbeing.

Potency improvement
The mind and general state of health play an important role in a fulfilled sex life.It is never too early… The causes of erectile dysfunction, alongside psychological causes like stress, are most notably organic disorders – vascular disorders in combination with high blood pressure and diabetes rank first. Just like the physical potential, the male virility is subject to the natural aging process. The tissue loses elasticity and is not supplied with blood sufficiently. This causes the penis to go limp more quickly. With a special and targeted regulation of energy via the starQi Pen, blood circulation and muscle activity can be improved significantly. The effects are lasting!

A fulfilled love-life is key to good health and vitality. Regular sexual activity increases the amount of natural killer cells (which prevent the emergence of cancer) within the blood. Additionally, release of a great number of hormones is achieved through the help of beta-endorphins. The pleasant consequence – you look years younger, feel agile and energetic! On the other hand, many people have to face the problem of the loss of libido as a result of increasing age, health-related disorders, overweight, endocrine disorders, intake of medication, or because of psychological or interpersonal problems.

In order to control physical lust and emotions, a very special hormonal milieu is necessary, which has to be restored in case of a disorder. StarQi supports the regulation of this hormonal balance in a natural way and increases the sexual drive at the same time.

Desire to have children
If, after years of hoping and trepidation, the wish to become pregnant still remains unfulfilled, this unfulfilled desire to have a child can often become a big burden for a relationship. Desperation is often followed by self-doubts, which eventually ends up being a huge psychological burden as well as a blockade in the body. The chance of a pregnancy decreases more and more. Also in this case, a very important premise that must not be forgotten is the energetic balance.

A long time ago a fundamental term was coined – the life-energy “Qi”. It is equivalent to the energy of motion; the energy of life. Wherever there is motion, change, dynamic processes – there is also Qi; there is also life. A lack of Qi means stasis and death. In the natural sciences, for instance, this life-energy appears as brainwaves or cardiac current flows, which make it possible for biochemical reactions to proceed and make life possible. Qi regulates the balance of Yin and Yang. Control and realignment are the easiest way to a achieve a balance of Yin and Yang. As we see, Yin accumulates Qi, while Yang spends Qi. These factors are interconnected and are dependant of each other through their mechanisms. As the cause of every disorder is a disturbance in the balance of Yin and Yang in the organism, the purpose of each treatment is to reach harmony, regardless of how different the methods may be.

It is important for the development of new life to make sure that the energy can flow and is not blocked, to bring an altered state of energy back into balance and create harmony within the body. This supports or restores the body’s ability of regulation and prepares the body for the miracle of human life!